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Cleaning Station and Sensory Play for Toddlers


Hi everyone! I made a fun cleaning station in the backyard and Jack loved it! This is the easiest way to clean a bunch of toys all at once and make it a fun sensory play for toddlers as well. It was well over 100 degrees outside this weekend, which made for the perfect day to make this fun little sensory bin for him.

Cleaning Station and Sensory Play for Toddlers Hero Image

There are so many ways to create a sensory bin at home for your toddler, but why not make it work for you as the mother and make it fun for your little one as well? It’s so easy to make this sensory bin. I found a large plastic tote in the basement, correction – I removed the Christmas decor out of one of the plastic bins, washed out the glitter, and took the bin outside.

What toys should I clean?

I made sure to grab all of Jack’s large lego blocks, rubber toys, hardshell toys, etc etc. Don’t grab anything that has batteries or could break if water were to come in contact with it. I through them all in the bin and added a little bit of Dawn dishwashing soap. I love using Dawn to clean with, however, you can use any bacterial dishwashing soap that you have on hand. Please keep in mind that you don’t want your child to eat the toys or bite them with the soap on it.

What are the benefits of sensory play?

There are so many benefits to sensory play, but here are a few:

  • Sensory play is important to brain development.
  • Encourages the development of motor skills.
  • Encourages problem-solving and scientific thinking.
  • Supports language development.
  • Aids in developing and enhancing memory.

Process for making the BEST Cleaning Station and Sensory Play for Toddlers

As you can see, Jack was a little confused at first wondering why his toys were outside, but then he realized he could play with them and he began to enjoy it. Add a little bit of Dawn to the water, mix the toys all around in the bin. This is when your little one can play around with the toys and it becomes an excellent sensory play bin.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little sensory play / cleaning your little one’s toys. Have you found me on social channels yet? Connect with me on Instagram and say hi! I mostly blog about recipes and home decor, but sometimes I’ll throw in some motherhood posts as well.

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