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Top 5 Work From Home Websites and Make Money


Hi friends! I think now more than ever is when people are looking to find a real job working remotely (from home), but do you think it’s possible? To work from home websites and actually make money? Keep reading to find out.Top 5 Work From Home Websites and Make Money

First, I want to start by asking how are you all doing during this pandemic? I’ve had horrible anxiety keeping me up most nights. The kind where you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. The not knowing when this will end or get better is difficult for me as I’m sure it is for you. One thing that does ease the tension for me is that I’ve been working from home for almost 7 years now. By day, I’m a corporate gal and by night, I’m a recipe developer for brands across the globe. I get paid to create recipes and do food photography using their products. You can learn more about me here.

It didn’t start out that way for me though and I wanted to share my experience with finding my dream job(s) work from home and here we listed the top 5 work from home websites.

1. Upwork: Work From Home Websites

7 years ago I found an online platform called oDesk at the time. It’s now called Upwork. I was living in Los Angeles and didn’t have a dependable vehicle to go to work. I came across a couple of Virtual Assistant positions and one of them hired me within a week of applying. It was full-time but I was only being paid $10/hr. It worked for the time being.upwork - Work from home

After a couple of years of being a virtual assistant, I decided to apply for another position posted on Upwork. This is the position that I’m currently working on today. I started out as a contractor doing 40+ hours a week for a Tech Startup company. I believe in this company and knew that if I continued that I would have a career ahead of me. It is one of the best work from home websites.

2. Fiverr: Work From Home Websites

fiverr - Work from homeI don’t have personal experience with using Fiverr but I have hired people on this website to create logos for me and other website work. This website is for you if you design graphics, digital marketing, video animation, programming, and tech, or writers. You can create your own profile and set your own rates. This is the best work from home websites, and you can work from home easily.

3. Online Teaching Resources

online teachingIf you have a Bachelor’s Degree completed in any field, there are lots of companies that will hire you to be an online teacher and/or Tudor. Some of my top resources are, 1) EF Teach Online, 2) VIP Kids or 3) Q Kids Teacher.

4. Udemy: Work From Home Websites

udemyCreate an online video course and make money by selling it across the globe. The possibilities are endless on this platform. Do you have a skill that you can teach to others? Consider creating a course for it and sell that course. Did you create an eBook? Sell it!

5. LinkedIn/Craigslist

OK, I know this sounds strange, but with everything being done remotely at the moment, this means that there will be a lot of virtual positions opening up soon. Stay on top of the opportunities by checking LinkedIn and Craigslist daily for remote job opportunities.linkedin - Work from home

There is my list of top 5 online resources to try and find an at-home position. I hope this inspires you to update your resume and really put yourself out there. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are talented in another area until you see it’s in demand and hiring. For example, are you a writer? Do you use social media regularly and understand the business side of it? Many people hire online content creators, blog writers, ghostwriters for eBooks, etc.

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